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b.1981  Huzhou, China


Ling Jian graduated with a BA from the Fine Arts Department of Tsinghua University Art College, Beijing, in 1986. 

Ling moved from China to Europe in the late 1980s, a geographical transition which led to the artist’s experimentation with the body and performance art. Ling circles his practice around mass consumerism and society’s hypocritical stances on beauty ideals through various painting methods. His series of painted women are both kitsch and politically charged; their style and compositions drawn from traditional Western portraiture. Using conventionality as a framework for which to comment on society, he enlarges the eyes or reddens the lips, highlighting the hypocrisy of beauty standards, sexuality and political drama. Recently, his painting series of sharks evolve this idea further, with vague erotic themes cutting through the aggressive, feral imagery. 


He currently divides his time between Berlin, Beijing and Hong Kong.




Solo Project

12.20,2016 - 1.25, 2017

Hong Kong

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Press / News

TimeOut HK Interview: Chinese artist Li Qing on painting Hong Kong from the perspective of an outsider

Like stepping through a portal into history, Li Qing’s series Neighbour’s Window is a glimpse into Hong Kong’s past. Through bottle green and dirty brown window frames reminiscent of colonial buildings from the 1970s and 80s, Li’s paintings peer into night scenes dominated with giant neon lights. For Tang Contemporary Art’s final exhibition of the year, Li, working together with acclaimed curator Cui Cancan, presents a collection of semi-realistic oil paintings and video art to provide snapshots of Hong Kong from the perspective of a Mainlander, forming an ambiguous link between the past and present. 

Li Qing Solo Project

Tang Contemporary Art is proud to announce that “Li Qing Solo Project,” curated by Cui Cancan, will open on December 20 in the Hong Kong space. Beginning with the artist’s identity as an Other, this project reflects on the dialogue between past and present in Hong Kong. The artist’s complex memories of Hong Kong and superficial, fragmentary impressions become creative materials in his work. Through the interaction and refraction of painting, installation, and video, Li constructs a new system of visual perception. In the one-year discussion between the curator and the artist about the project, they interacted through both textual and visual means. The artist chose and arranged phrases that the curator had published on social media during 2016, in order to compose an artist-created preface.

Li Qing Solo Project – Tang Contemporary Art

Li Qing was born in the 1980s, and Hong Kong films carry special memories of Hong Kong culture for people of his generation. The depiction of urban subjects in Hong Kong films gave mainland viewers their first taste of modern life. Hong Kong erotic films from that time were very popular; they were a special window that allowed young people to transcend taboos and see the world. In Two Films, erotic scenes appear amidst an open-air film by the sea, opening the most private of performances to the vastness of nature. Between short-lived rules and the infinite expanse of nature, we look for the traces of the people that the artist suggests, a subject that lies between division and confrontation. Like a CD that is continually reworked, memory is embellished by circumstances, presenting different meanings because of these circumstances.

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