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Installation View

Featured Artists

Tang Contemporary Art is delighted to present works by five artists, including Cai Lei, Chen Danqing, Wu Wei, Zhu Jinshi, and Michael Zelehoski for the Galleries Section.


Cai Lei breaks conventional spatial structures and creates visually illusory spaces in both his paintings and hollow framed sculptures. Chen Danqing orchestrates the viewer’s interaction with portraiture by activating the extravagance of fashion models, using the traditional sketching process to portray the psychology of the millennials of modern-day Chinese. The paper collage works by Wu Wei present the growth and undulation of fur. His art brings forth the mythology of barbarism using one of the symbols of civilization; books and paper. The artist cuts and restructures paper, presenting shapes of animal-like bodies. Zhu Jinshi is famous for his abstract

paintings in which surfaces are built up with thick impasto. He modernizes the expressionist approaches with literati brushstrokes to convey Eastern philosophy and Chinese ancient poems. The meditation over materials is equally centric to Michael Zelehoski, who manipulates plywood to create illusionary forms and question our common perspectives.


With equal parts of poetry and critical acumen, they call into question the systems designed to banish doubt from the world and to make sense of an otherwise fathomable universe.

Selected Works

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