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b. 1991, Guangdong, China

Chen Yingjie is committed to easel painting, large-scale murals, on-site practice creation and installation, in the practice of street graffiti art, through different media, he explore the combination of traditional Chinese ink painting and Western street graffiti art, and strive to find a balance between the two contradictory and antagonistic cultural forms to break free from cultural shackles, and establish a new personal artistic language. Chen Yingjie explores the transcendent language between tradition and street spirit in an experimental way, conveys the changes of traditional Chinese culture in current era, and his free creative practice stimulates the regenerative potential of tradition and the current environment, bringing traditional visual symbols into the public vision with a retro and innovative attitude with a strongly familiar visual experience. In exploring the relationship between history, time and currents, Chen Yingjie's Chinese landscape artistic conception penetrates another time and space, forming a symbiotic system relationship with the city, media and discourse. In the virtual reality and chaos of traditional Chinese philosophy, the experience of visual tension in urban space is transformed on the canvas, the traditional visual and spiritual connotations are naturally born.


He currently resides and works in Shunde District, Foshan City. Chen Yingjie is committed to creating easel paintings, large-scale murals, live performance and space device. He explores the combination of traditional Chinese ink painting and western graffiti art by utilizing various media of painting, striving to reach a balance between these two opposite and contradictory cultural patterns. He tries to break free from cultural constraints, and establish his brand new original artistic language. He was named one of ‘25 Contemporary Chinese Artists You Need to Know’ by the American magazine Complex, and was selected for Forbes’ 2020 ‘30 Under 30’ List.


Chen Yingjie involves in collaborations between his artistic creation and commercial brands, such as Volvo (2012), Louis Vuitton (2013), Adidas (2015), BMW (2016), Tiger Beer (2018), Casio (2019) and Cartier (2017 and 2020), etc.


Mille Cortex

Armin Boehm, Chen Yingjie, Cheng Chi Tien Lin, Ding Hongdan, Etsu Egami, Gongkan, Gao Hang, Oska Gutheil, Huang Bingjie, Stephen Wong Chun Hei, Kong Huidong, Leng Guangmin, Liu Youran, Kitti Narod, Jade Ching-yuk Ng, Woo Kukwon, Wang Xiyao, Xie Xuanxuan, Yan Jingzhou, and Zhang Haoyan.

Curator: Fiona Lu

3.18 - 4.21, 2023

Hong Kong Wong Chuk Hang Space

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Post-me Generation: How to write about young artists

Alessandio Gianni, Chen Yingjie, Diren Lee, Etsu Egami, Gongkan, Hao Zecheng, Hou Jianan, Jade Ching-yuk Ng, Jia Yirui, Kitti Narod, Liao Man, Olivier Souffrant, Suntur, Wang Xiyao, Wendimagegn Belete, Yang Bodu, Zhang Zhanzhan

7.24 - 8.20, 2022

Beijing Headquarters Gallery Space

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Selected Works
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