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b.1983  United Kingdom

HIMBAD graduated from Central Saint Martins in the UK. Traces of his work can be found worldwide, including New York, Miami, London, the Ibiza islands, Berlin, the Middle East, Pakistan, Tokyo, Bangkok, Beijing, Shanghai, Changsha, and Hangzhou.. You may find his works inadvertently. He dives into our archetypal mind and reaches deep into the subconscious. His inspirations came from his study of Celtic, Greek, and eastern mythology. He adds a touch of his unique humour into his works. He has been actively involved in graffiti art creation since his artwork was presented at the Tate Modern in London in 2015 and has yearly exhibitions worldwide. In addition to graffiti art, he has participated in several crossover projects, such as snowboards, hoodies, and music.

04 artist portrait.jpeg

Orkys: HIMBAD Solo Exhibition

Curated by Michela Sena

12.16, 2022 - 1.28, 2023


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