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b. 1969 Sanchung, Korea

Park Seungmo graduated with the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sculpture in Dong-A University of Busan, Korea, and is currently a sculpture artist based in New York. Specialising in the manipulation of metal wires, Park has created many different series of figure sculptures and sculpture paintings that are praised internationally for their natural fluidity and realistic appearences.

Park’s works have always taken a prominent position in the art field and under the media spotlight, being featured in the Korean movie Parasite which was awarded with the 92nd Academy Awards. His works have also been displayed in more than 40 exhibitions worldwide, such as “Arena” at Taipei Fine Art Museum in 2017 and “Korean Eye” at Museum of Arts and Design in New York, USA 2011. Many museums, galleries, major enterprises and public figures have collected Park’s works as well.


Park Seungmo Solo Exhibition

Park Seungmo

06.24 - 07.30, 2021

Hong Kong

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