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b.1989, Thailand

Suntur's minimalist artworks are motivated by the finer aspects of nature. His paintings are centered on serenity and magic. He applies color and symmetry with tremendous care, precision, and persistence. In reality, I feel like my art has evolved alongside me because it is continuously evolving.

Suntur stated: "While it evolves and develops, I believe it still has my unique emotional personality, just like any work of art. I would advise painting frequently in order to develop my own aesthetic. You'll learn your color preferences, desired composition, and the means of expression you want to use via this process."


Graduated from Silpakorn University, Suntur has participated in numerous exhibitions from around the world, including the latest ones: “A little letter from someone somewhere”, JWD Art Space, (Thailand,2020); “Zero Decibel”, YELO House, (Thailand 2018); “Picnic With Suntur” and Times square Hong Kong, (Hong Kong, 2014).


Intersection of existence

Gongkan, Kamin Lertchaiprasert, Kitti Narod,

Navin Rawanchaikul, Pannaphan Yodmanee,

Sakarin Krue-On, Sriwan Janehuttakarnkit, Suntur

4.20 - 6.11, 2022


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Post-me Generation: How to write about young artists

Alessandio Gianni, Chen Yingjie, Diren Lee, Etsu Egami, Gongkan, Hao Zecheng, Hou Jianan, Jade Ching-yuk Ng, Jia Yirui, Kitti Narod, Liao Man, Olivier Souffrant, Suntur, Wang Xiyao, Wendimagegn Belete, Yang Bodu, Zhang Zhanzhan

7.24 - 8.20, 2022

Beijing Headquarters Gallery Space

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Selected Works
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