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b.1975, Sichuan Province, China


Yang Yong graduated from the Sichuan Art institute (Chongqing, China) in 1995. He moved to Shenzhen in the early 1990s and he currently lives and works in Shenzhen and Beijing, China. With photography, installation and painting, Yang Yong is firmly recounting the stories of his own generation, born in the 1970s and grown up in the process of China’s opening and urbanization.


Yang Yong’s photographic work was first exhibited outside of China in 1999 at the Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art’s (Helsinki, Finland) showing of Cities of the Move. Later that year the first solo exhibition of his photographic work was held in the Boarhers bookstore in Guangzhou. It was titled Women are Beautiful Always and Forever. In 2000 his work was included in Fuck Off, a satellite exhibition to the Shanghai Biennale (Shanghai, China). In 2002, his work was shown in Pause: 4th Gwangju Biennale (Gwangju, Korea). In 2003, an installation by Yang Yong was included in a special exhibition at the 50th Venice Biennale entitled Z.O.U. (Zone Of Urgency) and his photographs were exhibited in the 34th Rencontresd’Arles (Arles, Flance). Also in 2003, Yang Yong’s first work of public sculpture was included in The Fifth System, Public Art in the Age of Post-Planning, a project of Shenzhen’s Hexiangning Art Gallery. His photography was exhibited in 2004 in the Kunstmuseum (Wolfsburg, Germany) exhibition, The Chinese, as well as in the San Diego Museum of Art and International Center of Photography. New York. In 2005, Yang Yong’s photographs were featured in the 2nd Guangzhou Triennial (Guangzhou). In 2006, his work was shown in the Museum Boijmans van Beunigen (Rotterdam, The Netherlands) exhibition, China. In the same year, in Francesco Bonami’s exhibition All Look Same at the Fondazione Sandre, Turino, Italy. 


Empty Seat: Chinese Conceptual Photography

Group exhibition: Weng Fen, Ji Zhou, Yang Yong, Jiang Zhi, Liu Yujia, Fan Xi, Amelie

3.25 - 4.29, 2017


View Exhibition

YANG YONG:Lightspace

11.17, 2010 - 3.13, 2011


International Passage:

Moonless and Everything After

11.30, 2008 - 12.21, 2008

Hong Kong

International Passage:

The World Is Yours

4.12, 2008 - 5.7, 2008



7.2 - 8.18, 2016


Press / News

Philip Tinari | Yang Yong's Mythologies

Yang Yong works from a clean studio in a cleaned-up warehouse building on the edge of the most creative district in Shenzhen. Areas like these are popping up in cities around China now: havens of adaptive reuse, situated in former factory compounds and conceived vaguely along the model of Beijing’s 798, but without ever having gone through that pesky, delusional phase where the artists considered themselves fighters for a new order against an old one, righteous interlopers into a dying system. Shenzhen has never been a good place for dogma, and even if the area around the floor he shares with the architects of Urbanus and some old graphic-designer buddies is home to a branch of the local contemporary art museum, a few galleries, some cafes, and even lifestyle stores selling badly designed furniture, this does not impact Yang Yong, the painter who works with an assistant or two in a cavernous concrete room, adjusting his LCD projector such that a given digital image is cast with precision onto a canvas waiting to be painted in its image...

Hou Hanru | Am I Myself? Yang Yong’s work

Photography has become one of the most innovative fields in Chinese art scene for the last decade. A new generation of artists, resorting to photography as their main language and medium, has emerged at the frontier of today’s art world. Their works are frequently related to the phenomenally rapid urbanisation and urban expansion. They are not only representing this spectacle of frenzy development in their photographic works but also playing active roles in the making of the spectacle itself… In other words, photo cameras have become their weapons to intervene in reality in an urban guerrilla manner.


No doubt, Yang Yong is one of the most outstanding among them...

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