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b.1982, Korea


Yoon Hyup is a New York based artist, born in Seoul, South Korea in 1982.

He grew up with studying violin and skateboarding since his childhood. He had ambitions to design skateboards, but once he discovered painting it became his new focus. In early 2000s, he began to improvise without sketch during the process of mural and live paintings, which is became an important starting point for the present way of expression. In his work, Yoon Hyup freely uses lines and dots to draw a minimalistic work from a unique perspective.


Components of various cultures, he has experienced, are strongly reflected in his works. The rhythm & improvisation in music, the flexibility & radical perspective in various cultures are some of the creative inputs that transform into lines, dots, “rhythms” and colors in his works. A combination of these elements powers the creation of unique abstract paintings.


스크린샷 2023-10-21 오후 3.18.48.png

Group Show : L'Empire des sens

Curator: Yonni Park, Jeeeun Hong

11.26 - 12.31, 2022

Seoul Space

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Unpack Reveal Unleash

Curator: Yonni Park, Jeeeun Hong

10.20 - 11.25, 2023

Seoul Space

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