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b. 1979, Shenyang, China


You Jin began painting at a very young age, eventually studying at the Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts in his native city. When working, he starts with ‘pure colour’, and begins introducing other colours little by little. Today he is best known for his highly-saturated canvases which are a riot of near-psychedelic colour and line.


He is fascinated by the ever-changing urban environment, and the seemingly endless possibilities that cities seem to suggest. Accordingly, his works often contain numerous perspectives — leaving the viewer with the impression of looking in many directions at once.


You Jin has participated in numerous exhibitions from around the world, including the latest ones: “Metaphor”, 68 Projects, (Germany, 2021)"Mountains & Streams", CFHILL, (Sweden,2018); and "20 +4 +1 New Identities", VDA, (Germany,2014).


Fractal Dimension

You Jin

Curated by Fiona Lu & Han Yali

02.10 - 3.15, 2023

​Hong Kong

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