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Planting Time

Lam Tung Pang

7.7 - 7.30, 2016

Hong Kong

Tang Contemporary Art is proud to present a solo exhibition of contemporary Hong Kong artist Lam Tung Pang, the curatorial debut by renowned Hong Kong-based architect and collector William Lim. Exhibiting at their Central space from July 7 – 30, 2016, “Planting Time” will be the gallery’s first-ever collaboration with him, and solo exhibition of a Hong Kong artist.



Curatorial Statement  


“Lam Tung Pang’s works, to me, are a metaphor for connecting the past with the present, crossing from Shan Shui in Song dynasty to today’s urban landscape, where viewers are directed to link the ancient with modern media. If an artist’s early creations were abandoned, given up at the time for certain reasons, were to resurface after many years – would it take on a new life? And the successful creations made then, if seen again today, would they still have life in them? Could a work made today, reviewed again in a year, potentially become a creation to dispose?


The artist uses a tense in English grammar as the work title to reference the relationship between materials and time simultaneously; the schematization of its artistic language is also likened to text-imagery, in a series of chapters.  This exhibition features a 2011 representative work by the artist “Past Continuous Tense”, where he appropriates an earlier failed attempt and once abandoned idea of drawing on plywood as a visual artistic reflection on his creative progress. This has inspired the name of our exhibition, “Planting Time”.


As my curatorial debut, I am delighted to work with Lam Tung Pang and Tang Contemporary Art to share great Hong Kong art with everyone. Time has always been one of the recurring themes in my collection – here, Lam Tung Pang’s exploration of the continuity and changes in time can also be an inspiration for today’s society.”


– William Lim



About William Lim


William Lim is a Hong Kong-based architect, art patron, and collector. A graduate from Cornell University with a Bachelor and Masters degree in Architecture, he is the founder and managing director of award-winning firm CL3 Architects. A vocal supporter of contemporary art in Hong Kong, he published a book on his collection “The No Colors: William Lim Collection” in 2014.


In addition to several academic posts he holds in Hong Kong and abroad, William serves on the Gallery Advisory Committee of the Asia Society, the Asia Pacific Acquisition Committee for Tate London, is a board member of Asia Art Archive, on the advisory board for The Art Basel Cities, as well as a Council Member on the board for Cornell University Architecture, Art and Planning. He was previously co-chairman for the non-profit art space Para/Site in Hong Kong.


William has participated in Lantern Wonderland, Venice Biennale’s International Architectural Exhibition, as well as the Hong Kong & Shenzhen Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism/Architecture for his multidisciplinary art and design practice.


Landscape through time planting no.4 Charcoal, scale-models, acrylic on plywood 84 x 100 cm 2013 - 2016

Planting No.3 Charcoal and acrylic on plywood 56 x 53.5 cm 2015-2016


Lam Tung Pang


Born 1978, Hong Kong


Lam Tung Pang is a contemporary artist, born in Hong Kong in 1978 and currently lives and works in Hong Kong. Lam studied Fine Art at The Chinese University of Hong Kong before undertaking an M.A. at Central St Martins College of Art, London in 2004. He has been awarded numerous scholarship and awards, including the Arts Scholarship from Hong Kong Arts Development Council (2003) and Hong Kong Contemporary Art Biennial Awards (2009).


Lam’s works are mostly related to specific situations or social contexts, some of them in monument scale that are given a touch of humanity. He has exhibited extensively worldwide, with works in a number of private and public collections including: M+ Museum, K11 Foundation, Deutsche Bank, Hong Kong Museum of Art, the Burger Collection, and commissioning a work for the Hong Kong Legislative Council. In 2012, he was awarded the Asian Cultural Council Fellowship for outstanding contributions to the development of culture and arts by The Secretary for Home Affairs, Hong Kong, as well as the Award for Best Artist (Visual Arts) of the Hong Kong Arts Development Awards in 2013.


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