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The Stranger

Zhang Yongxu

11.16 - 12.30, 2017



Tang Contemporary Bangkok is proud to announce the opening of The Stranger, a solo exhibition by Zhang Yongxu, on November 16.

His paintings depict enchanting urban night scenes, village buildings with folk touches, and worried or happy figures. Zhang uses particular lighting and distortions to construct a distinct painting language. As fragments of memory, the scenes are given a freshness, allowing real and surreal painting methods to coexist. The paintings very easily arouse emotion in the viewer, linking the artist’s spiritual world and our individual memories.


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Night in Shanghai Oil on canvas 110 × 110 cm 2000

Sniper Oil on canvas 116 x 120 cm 1990

New Pattern Oil on canvas 200 x 130 cm 2011


Zhang Yongxu

Zhang Yongxu, born in Xin Jiang in 1963. He graduated from Central Academy of Fine Arts No.4 oil painting studio in 1989, and majored in photography in LAGCC in 1994. He currently lives and works in Beijing, China.


Recent exhibitions include: “The Stranger, Zhang Yongxu solo exhibition”,Tang Contemporary Art Bangkok(207); “On the way, Zhang Yongxu painting exhibition”, Song Ya Feng Contemporary Art Gallery, Beijing (2016); “Go to Tacheng”, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Museum, Urumqi (2015); “Hello, Yongxu”, Museum of Contemporary Art Xinjiang, Urumqi, China (2015); “Distant Places”, Shanghai Gallery of Art, Shanghai (2014); “Back to Hometown”, Museum of Contemporary Art Xinjiang, Urumqi (2013); “Up--Xinjiang Oil Painting Exhibition”, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Museum, Urumqi, China (2013); “Amazing Xinjiang, Zhang Yongxu solo exhibition”, Turpan Museum, Xinjiang (2012); “Awakening”, Today Art Museum, Beijing(2010),etc. Recent group exhibitions include:“Start from Modern--15 ways of expression”, National Art Museum of China, Beijing (2012); “The 1st Contemporary Art Biennial of Xinjiang”, Xinjiang International Expo Centre, Urumqi (2012); “Mao Yan, Zhang Yongxu, Sun Liang”, Yibo Art, Shanghai (2000); “United Exhibition of Chinese Artists”, Liu Hai Su Museum, Shanghai (1998); “The 3rd National Oil Painting Exhibition”, National Art Museum of China, Beijing (1995);“6 People from the Universe”, Lamama La Gallery, New York, USA (1991); “The 1st Chinese Oil Painting”, Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai (1988), etc. His artwork  was collected in United Nations Headquarters.


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