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Group Show - Global Song

Marion Bataillard, Jade Ching-yuk Ng, Alessandro Giannì, Gao Hang,
Hao Zecheng, Diren Lee, Rhiannon Salisbury, Ruby Swinney, Jessica Williams 

​Curator: Fiona Lu

1.6 - 2.12, 2022

Hong Kong - H Queen's



How do we define something that is ‘globalized’? It is an entity that – despite the entire world’s crave for it and its ‘popular power’ – cannot be monopolized by any people, regions, races, or countries. This ultimate form of globalization in the symbolic and representational sense then begs a new question: Is there a next step for globalization? As French philosophist Bruno Latour has discussed, the binary of ‘Global/Local’ has already been forcibly supplanted by the ‘Out-of-This-World/Terrestrial’. In these times when fragmentation and post-humanism are accelerating, we need to express our senses metaphorically and reflect constantly on the present, so as keep our control over the boundless future and our own emotions.

The step beyond metaphor (which could also be a step backward, or a more post-modern step) is an ‘affective image’. As we confront an increasingly complex world, we would need to be determined yet also proactive in internalising and expressing this metaphor. Hope and anxiety fleet; melancholy and prosperity approach. As Hermann Bahr had written, “never was happiness so unattainable and freedom so dead. Distress cries aloud; man cries out for his soul; this whole pregnant time is one great cry of anguish. Art too joins in, into the great darkness she too calls for help, she cries to the spirit.” Here, Art calls out to Expressionism, which often uses representational painting for expressing the human soul. Reminiscent of a ghost, art can ‘play the role of human’, intently stalking the image – the avatar of human souls – to revolutionise continuously. We can see this art, and we may even interact with it. 


In the reality before our eyes, information that is homogenised is satiating every aspect of human life. Ironically though, this information cannot fully explain the reality we are in, instead merely distorting the world and levelling the boundary between true and false. Fortunately admist this time of estrangement, artists still retain their physical sensitivity. Particularly for the artists in this exhibition who come from different countries around the world, they respond to the present from polyvalent perspectives, but likewise use representational painting as a mean to capture our new reality. The paintings of Jessica Williams, Diren Lee, and Rhiannon Salisbury are situated within a contemporary, unconscious dream. By interpreting dreams and the unconscious, they attempt to reveal and overcome their internal complexities. The multiplicity of consciousness and enlighting experiences are then explored in this peculiar space existing beyond our usual sentients. Gao Hang, Alessandro Giannì, and Jade Ching-yuk Ng focus more on fusing the practice of painting with new media and digital imagery. As reflected in their painted figures who play out new pictorial myths, their works awake a creative passion for the painted form. Marion Bataillard, Hao Zecheng, and Ruby Swinney directly capture everyday settings in their paintings. They endeavour to depict things that are real from their perspectives, which then transcend into peculiar episodes and imaginary emotions by integrating with Surrealist elements and otherworldly, idealised people and scenes. At the same time, they are constantly responding to the relationship between people and the world around them, juxtaposing sentients and memories to create moments of self-recognition.

Through the works of these young artists from around the world, we can witness fluttering, equivocal fragments of a ‘Global Song’. The juxtaposition of reality and deterritorialization, the ambiguity formed by mobility and transitoriness, and the idea that a song could also be an ideology have permeated various spaces and times of styles and art throughout history. Resonating with one another, these notions finally establish a fantasia for the new century. This may be a sensual moment in the Anthropocene, so we might as well experience it with young and flexible viewpoints and articulation.


Jade Ching-yuk Ng In the hourglass universe Caran d‘ache gouache on engraved MDF wood 120 x 90 x 6.2 cm 2021

Jade Ching-yuk Ng Happy Birthday, baby fish Oil on canvas 155 x 120 x 5 cm 2021

Jade Ching-yuk Ng Weeping Angel Oil on canvas 155 x 120 x 5 cm 2021

Jade Ching-yuk Ng Shadow's Rejuvenation II Caran d'ache gouache on engraved MDF wood 28 x 36 x 1.2 cm 2021

Gao Hang An Asian who is shocked Acrylic on canvas 157.5 x 182.9 cm 2021

Gao Hang portrait without mentioning identity Acrylic on canvas 152.4 x 121.9 cm 2021

Gao Hang The bigger legs Acrylic on canvas 182.9 x 91.5 cm 2021

Gao Hang Mom must be very proud of me Acrylic on canvas 121.9 x 121.9 cm 2021

Jessica Williams Signs of Life Oil on canvas 48.26 x 63.5 cm 2021

Jessica Williams Blue Oil on canvas 86.36 x 101.6 cm 2021

Jessica Williams The Phoenix Oil on canvas 81.28 x 96.52 cm 2020

Jessica Williams Red Sky Oil on canvas 121.92 x 152.4 cm 2021

Jessica Williams Sisters Oil on canvas 86.36 x 101.6 cm 2021

Ruby Swinney Kindergarten Oil on silk 139 x 170 cm 2019

Ruby Swinney Resting Places are Rare 2020 Oil on tracing paper 84 x 59 cm 2020

Ruby Swinney In the Pines Oil on tracing paper 42 x 30 cm 2019

Ruby Swinney Flowers Oil on silk 130 x 164 x 5 cm 2021

Ruby Swinney The Crossing Oil on silk 50 x 55 x 5 cm 2021

Hao Zecheng Star of Moranbah Oil on Linen 200 x 480 cm 2021

Hao Zecheng Hide and Seek Oil on canvas 100 x 80 cm 2021

Hao Zecheng Lost Oil on canvas 140 x 100 cm 2021

Rhiannon Salisbury Smarties in Her Eyes Acrylic on stretched canvas 180 x 120 x 4.5 cm 2021

Rhiannon Salisbury Fly with me Acrylic on gesso primed panel 40 x 30 cm 2020

Rhiannon Salisbury Twisted Acrylic on cradled gesso panel 30 x 40 cm 2019

Rhiannon Salisbury Norwegian Wood Acrylic on gesso primed panel 60.5 x 50.7 x 1.9 cm 2021

Marion Bataillard Theology Tempera on canvas 170 x 245 cm 2019-2021

Marion Bataillard Totality Tempera on woodboard 170 x 100 cm 2019-2021

Marion Bataillard Silent life Tempera on woodboard 150 x 60 cm 2019-2021

Marion Bataillard Joyfull company Tempera on canvas 147 x 235 cm 2018-2019

Diren Lee Before the beginning Acrylic on canvas 130.3 x 162.2 cm 2021

Diren Lee I am the flower Acrylic on canvas 116.8 x 91 cm 2021

Alessandro Giannì Untitled Oil on canvas 230 x 250 cm 2021

Alessandro Giannì A Sound that Transmutes Everything Oil on canvas 183 x 150 cm 2021

Alessandro Giannì The gentle wind moves silent, invisible Oil on canvas 250 x 196 cm 2021

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