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The central theme of “Global Political Landscape” revolves around the examination of the political structures, social dynamics, and human experiences that influence and are influenced by the global political landscape. The exhibition brings together the works of five influential contemporary artists: Jonas Burgert, Yue Minjun, Rodel Tapaya, Jigger Cruz, and Xiyao Wang. Through their distinct artistic styles and diverse cultural perspectives, these artists offer critical insights into the complexities, tensions, and power dynamics that shape our world's political systems. The exhibition seeks to provoke thought and dialogue on issues such as power, identity, inequality, social justice, and the impact of political decisions on individuals and communities.

Selected Works


Installation View

Featured Artist

“Once Upon a Time” is a group of children who are subjected to others: as puppets, and as toys; yet as future leaders, they are also manipulating the others, treating each other as puppets. Putting these leaders in a playground setting is to metaphorize our reality, where children use playground facilities to imagine themselves taking aggression and satisfying their primitive desire to win and dominate – the first step of becoming a “human being.” If “childhood” is an invention of modern society, then the playground is a decorative complement to this invention. In fact, both fairy tales and playgrounds are associated with “killing,” “seizing" and “countervailing.” After all, many fairy tales originate from medieval legends – bloody, erotic, and absurd like our primitive nature. The same goes for children as human beings.

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