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b. 1992,  Vienna.


Anouk Lamm Anouk is artistic practice painting, drawing, sculpture, installation, and writing. Their manifesto claims: “No Age, No Gender, No Origin”, or as they say: “I am no one I am nothing” which could be a reference to their embedment in Zen Buddhism. Anouk identifies as trans-non-binary and by virtue of this and living as a Person with autism, it is crucial to them to rid themselves of the external attributions and labels that come from normative society in order both to see and encounter others without the violence of classification and anticipation, to be truly open. The starting point of their paintings is the raw linen, the canvases itself is crucial. The unprimed frontside of the linen is a living part of their works and becomes a connecting visual element across several series. Their colour palette is strictly limited, most often to earthy colours, hues of black and off-white are also present; reduction is key. Anouk works both in series and independently of series – some paintings are solely abstract, while others are predominantly figurative – all of which is connected by unique handwriting and gestural strokes. Text or text fragments are also part of their practices. The texts are intentionally unobtrusive, sometimes they require viewers to look for them. These give a hint or raise questions. Anouk’s other bodies of works – “The Void is My Temple” and “Mädchen kümmert sich/girl cares” – as well as much of their earliest works, frequently included animals or animal-like hybrids that imagined a world absent of humans and their anthropocentric systems. In 2021, Anouk was awarded with the Main Prize of the Strabag Art Award International. They are listed as one of the 3 most influential young artists in Austria.

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Group Exhibition: Unpack Reveal Unleash

Curated by Yonni Park, Jeeeun Hong

10.20 - 11.25, 2023


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