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1962 - 2016  Guangdong, China


Chen Shaoxiong was born in 1962 in Shantou, Guangdong Province. He graduated from the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts in 1984. He was one of the members of the 1990s Guangzhou conceptual art group Big Tail Elephant. At present, he works both independently and on collective projects. He is a member of the Asian art collective Xijing Men and the Chinese artist group Project Without Space. 


As one China’s most multi-talented artists of the last few decades, Chen participated in underground art and experimental art in Guangzhou in the mid-1980s. Since the late 1990s,Chen has worked in a range of forms, including video, installation, photo montage, painting, performance, and collective action; his pieces have increasingly focused on the major challenges faced by Chinese society as a result of globalization. At the same time, he has also permitted the re-creation of the expressive forms of the past to enter his practice, and his ideas and actions have become even more open. He invites members of the public to participate in some of his works, which inspire and share collective memories and ideals related to urban and social change.



10.29 - 11.27, 2016


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Press / News

A ‘Big Tail Elephant’: China’s Chen Shaoxiong

Artist Chen Shaoxiong, a founding member of Big Tail Elephants – a collective of conceptual artists working in Guangzhou in the 1990s – died on 26 November 2016 at age 54.

Art Radar speaks to the late Chen Shaoxiong’s gallerist Meg Maggio of Pékin Fine Arts and long-term collaborative partner from Big Tail Elephants Lin Yilin about the artist and takes a look at some recent works in the wider context of Chen’s practice.

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