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b.1983, South Korea

Diren Lee builds a view on the world that cannot be explained by just one series of works. By releasing new series, mixing, and rebuilding it with her previous one, she creates her own world. The inner world created to heal her pain now describes her unique characters and symbolism through the homage of classical myths and orientalism. All her works is painted on canvas with a single brush, and such process is also linked to her desire to give the characters a living and breathing vitality. Diren is loved by public and art lovers through many collaborations and design products with businesses in Korea.


Diren Lee analyzes stories of unconsciousness through dreams beyond self-consciousness, then expresses the essence of consciousness on canvas. All the characters in her dream are parts of spiritual energy. The characters are expressed as connected creatures, stressing the meaning of “one-being”. Her previous works concentrate on analyzing inner scars, trying to expose and overcome her inner complex through the interpretation of dreams and unconsciousness. Her works refer to the journey of time during which she experiences mental trauma resulting from failure or humiliation and overcome emotions that led to anxiety. From this point on, her work begins to show a comfortable looking eyes and soft colors, telling the story of overcoming with the sweet and beautiful fruits that we meet after enduring suffering. She expresses her desire to convey comfort and warmth by hugging and making eye contact.

Selected exhibitions include: “Global Song”, Tang Contemporary Art, Hong Kong, China , 2022; “Back to Work”, Waluso Gallery, UK , 2021; “Turning Point”, Gallery Doo, S. Korea , 2021; “Stay with us”, Humax art room x Open gallery, S. Korea , 2020; “Fruit”, L Gallery, S. Korea , 2019; “On those that disappear”, MIEL Gallery, S. Korea , 2018.

She has also participated in art fairs including: Kiaf, S. Korea , 2021, Affordable Art Fair Battersea, UK , 2020, One Art Taipei, China , 2020; Affordable Art Fair Singapore, Singapore; Art Expo Malaysia , 2019 , Kuala Lumpr, Malaysia; BAMA , Busan Annual Market of Art Busan, S. Korea , 2019; Asia Contemporary Art Show, Hong Kong , 2019; Art Expo Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia , 2018; Art Gyeongju, Gyeongju, S. Korea , 2016; Spoon art fair, Gallery Sein, S. Korea , 2015; Art show Busan, Busan BEXCO, S. Korea , 2015.

Diren Lee Portrait.jpeg

Traversing The Fantasy: Pieces of A Woman

Curator: Jeeeun Hong

12.16, 2022 - 2.12, 2023

Beijing Headquarters Gallery Space

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Post-me Generation:How to write about young artists

Alessandio Gianni、Chen Yingjie、Diren Lee、Etsu Egami、Gongkan、Hao Zecheng、Hou Jianan、Jade Ching-yuk Ng、Jia Yirui、Kitti Narod、Liao Man、Olivier Souffrant、Suntur、Wang Xiyao、Wendimagegn Belete、Yang Bodu、Zhang Zhanzhan

7.24 - 8.20, 2022

Beijing Headquarters Gallery Space

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Tang 20220106-7 revised.jpg

Global Song

Marion Bataillard, Jade Ching-yuk Ng, Alessandro Giannì, Gao Hang, Hao Zecheng, Diren Lee, Rhiannon Salisbury, Ruby Swinney, Jessica Williams 

1.6 - 2.12, 2022

Hong Kong

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Selected Works
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