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Fang Xianchen

b.1994, Xinjiang, China

Fang Xianchen graduated from the Oil Painting Department of the Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) in 2016 and obtained his postgraduate degree from the Oil Painting Department of CAFA in 2019. He now lives and works in Beijing.


Reticent yet suggestive, Fang Xianchen's works depict scenes that discuss about spatial structure, whereas the scenes are precisely from the artist's everyday life. The craftsman-esque ambition of detailing is thus not the focus of Fang. Rather, he endeavors to create a sense of tension and detachment from space, giving feelings of uneasiness, suspension, and dream-like instability through such a surrealist approach. This space contains no reality, for it is more occupied by the imagination and resonant gaze of time. In Fang Xianchen's works, it is not difficult to find subtle metaphors and straightforward language to be coexisting simultaneously, connoting the artist’s self-reflection in the search of a new self, a new identity.


His solo exhibition includes: LAO YUE LIANG, SENSE GALLERY, Beijing (2023, solo); Bewitchment By Language, HuaiXuan, Beijing (2023, group); Dream Bird, Tang Contemporary Art, Hong Kong, Wong Chuk Hang Space (2023, group); Animal Farm, SENSE GALLERY, Beijing (2022, solo); A Gentle Conversation With Nothingness, Blanc Art Space, Beijing (2023, group); Pigeon Superstition, O2art Space, Beijing(2023, group); WILD BEAST, SENSE GALLERY, Beijing (2022, group); Into The Wilderness, O2art Space, Beijing(2023, group); NICHE, SENSE SPACE, Beijing (2021, solo); I Heard You Paint The House,SENSE SPACE x Building 23 artist Community, Beijing (2021, group); Exist、Time、Significance、Love, PARAGON BOOK GALLERY, Beijing (2019, solo project); EPARTY, 798 Art Center, Beijing (2019, group).


Fang Xianchen: TARDIS

6.15 - 7.30, 2024

 Beijing Headquarters Gallery Space

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Selected Works
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