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b.1977, Inner Mongolia, China

Fu Yao's work is filled with thriving lives, in addition to characters; there are horses, deer, dogs, rabbits and all kinds of birds and other unknown flowers. These creatures are also the masters of the picture, who have established intimacy with mankind since ancient times have the same status as other beings. All living organisms and human-beings are co-located interdependently in the "Garden of Eden" built by Fu Yao. In addition to Fu Yao's peculiar sense of natural life, this kind of "harmony between man and nature" method also reflects her interpretation of the subject under the rhetoric of modern art with expression of symbolism and surrealism.


Her solo exhibitions include: “Endlessness” Fu Yao’s solo exhibition, Beijing Time Museum, Beijing (2021); “ART CHANGSHA”, Changsha Museum, Changsha (2019); “The Unworldly Existence- Fu Yao’s Art Exhibition”, Poly Art Museum, Beijing (2018); “Tipsy Life” Solo Exhibition, Yihe Club, Sanlitun, Beijing (2014); “The Same I” Solo Exhibition, Bridge Gallery, 798 International Art District, Beijing (2010); “Fu Yao’s Solo Art Exhibition”, Chantilly Art Center, Shanghai (2008).

Fu Yao Portrait.jpeg

Fu Yao: Scenario

6.15 - 7.22, 2023

Hong Kong Central Space

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Selected Works
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