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SKIRUA (Guo Yuheng) was born in Beijing in 2003.

Her artistic practice encompasses painting, installation, and film, with a focus on the cultural shifts and conflicts inspired by the internet, social media, and other products of the information age. In particular, she is interested in how the generation born after the year 2000 understand and envision life, the future, and popular culture. SKIRUA is a contradiction between reality, society, internet, and fantasy. "SKIRUA" is the name of Guo Yuheng's imaginary self, who travels through the timeline to become a mimic of different social phenomena, anime characters with different identities, and finally gets lost in herself. Guo Yu Heng has always aspired to become a fictional character, fall in love with a fictional anime character, get married to the dolls he incarnates, and finally divide her emotions, preferences, and soul into countless dolls. Each doll is its own "doppelganger", turning itself into a doll to wander and play in the fantasy world. Beauty, scars, and happiness are intertwined. Her imaginary world is a shelter of witches, sealing a myriad of intertwined feelings.

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Guo Yuheng: SKIRUA’s Future Paradise

Curator: Cui Cancan

5.20 - 6.30, 2023

Beijing Headquarters Gallery Space

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Guo Yuheng: The Sky Today Is Really Too Blue

Curator: Fiona Lu

9.12 - 10.18, 2020

Beijing VIP Space

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Selected Works
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