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b.1993, Beijing, China

Hao Zecheng uses photographs and memories as references to depict the neglected scenes of daily life. Through the detailed depiction of noise and light spots in the images, he creates an image of overlapping time, space and events. The themes of his contemporary landscapes are fluid, such as "the landscape being a delight", "the landscape being a pleasant fear", "uncertainty and the sublime", "utopia and escapism", and so on. The memory remaining in the snapshots transforms as the structure of the painting expands and the point of interest moves, and the image escapes into a poetic space through memory and noise. The artist's purpose and deeper meaning are suspended. Instead, what are emphasised is the body and its traces, which all hints at Hao Zecheng's trance and dissonance when placed in the contemporary artistic discourse and the gap between Eastern and Western cultures. He chooses to use slightly melancholic brushstrokes to write the photographs, aestheticizing and poeticizing private moments and historical moments, and projecting them unto the whole post-modern life. Facing the dilemma of alienation, he seems to find a moment where memories, reality and imagination are intertwined, a way back to spiritual stability and eternity.

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Grand Tour Through the Stars and the Moon 

9.1 - 10.10, 2023

Hong Kong H Queen's Space

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Hao Zecheng: The Visions in My Mind

7.24 - 9.03, 2022

Beijing 1st Space

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Group Show - Post-me Generation: How to write about young artists

7.24 - 8.20, 2022

Beijing Headquarters Space

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Group Show: Global Song

1.6 - 2.12, 2022

Hong Kong

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Selected Works
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