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b. 1993, Beijing, China

Hao Zecheng uses photos and memories as reference texts to describe the neglected scenes in daily life. Through the detailed description of uncertainty in the picture, he created images of time, space and events overlapping with each other. The artist recaptured the traces of time, presented the subtle relationship between self and image while processing the image, and connected the behavior mode with "sequential painting - disordering sequent- reconnecting", mixing reality and dreams, imagination and perception within the picture, which describes the artist's trance feeling of being and shuttling in the contemporary landscape.

In the creative process, Hao Zecheng formed his own unique method of language processing, integrating the random images that have not been designed and sorted into the context of art, blending them with reality and memory into specific empirical value. The image of the picture will be generated with the layers of density and dynamic description. This method has become an important way for him to break through the faceity of the landscape. His painting begins with the reproduction of images and narratives in snapshots. In the image space, the hand works under the control of the eye. However, due to the intervention of camera noise, random images, unclear shapes, fractures, and color patches that create disastrous confusion. He must handle this situation with random strokes, stains, and graffiti. With the increase of random and uncertain elements, the ratio of sensation and memory in the image gradually increases. In addition, the information and text contained in the screen image different from the real scene are also constantly produced, the nature of the original image has changed. For example, streetlamp-fireworks, city-galaxy, branch-calligraphy, mountain- monument, etc. The scenery escapes into a poetic space through memory and noise.

Memory is fluid. The remaining cognitive memory of time in the snapshot changes with the expansion of structure and the migration of interest points. However, emphasizing the restoration of scene and situation is a deliberate retention of the original image. This persistent experience of image presents the trace of self- experience from the perspective of the artist. While depicting elements and recreating scenes, randomness and uncertainty are given a special path in the variation of image. The canvas is full of ambiguous but at the same time distinguishable images. In this way, the artist generates an overlapping paradise of subconsciousness, fantasy and imagination.


Hao Zecheng: The Visions in My Mind

7.24 - 9.3, 2022

Beijing 1st Space

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Post-me Generation:How to write about young artists

Alessandio Gianni、Chen Yingjie、Diren Lee、Etsu Egami、Gongkan、Hao Zecheng、Hou Jianan、Jade Ching-yuk Ng、Jia Yirui、Kitti Narod、Liao Man、Olivier Souffrant、Suntur、Wang Xiyao、Wendimagegn Belete、Yang Bodu、Zhang Zhanzhan

7.24 - 8.20, 2022

Beijing Headquarters Gallery Space

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Tang 20220106-7 revised.jpg

Global Song

Marion Bataillard, Jade Ching-yuk Ng, Alessandro Giannì, Gao Hang, Hao Zecheng, Diren Lee, Rhiannon Salisbury, Ruby Swinney, Jessica Williams 

1.6 - 2.12, 2022

Hong Kong

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