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Li Qing

b.1981, Huzhou, Zhejiang Province, China

Li Qing lives and works in Hangzhou and Shanghai. His paintings, installations and video works seek rational rifts in similarity and contradiction, acting on the perception and acknowledgment of a viewer through circuitous and overlapped structures. In recent years, his works track the historical fragmentation and ideological conflicts that have occurred widely in the dissemination of information, collective memory, and knowledge experience. Simultaneously, his works are testing the tension and contradiction between image, language, symbol and social space, connecting the multi-level elements of experience in series to construct a conflict structure. The capture of micro-politics in everyday spaces and images, the questioning of political identity in aesthetic tradition, and the observation on the identity of Chinese Art in the context of Global Art, all reflect his historical consciousness among the younger generation of Chinese artists.


Li Qing graduated from the Oil Painting Department of China Academy of Art in 2007. He has had solo shows at Fondazione Prada’s Rongzhai, Shanghai, China; Pingshan Art Museum, Shenzhen, China; Zhejiang Art Museum, Hangzhou, China; Tomás y Valiente Art Centre (CEART), Madrid, Spain; Arario Museum, Seoul, Korea; The Orient Foundation, Macao, China; Goethe Institute, Shanghai, China; among others. A number of prestigious art institutes have also included his works for group shows, such as Shanghai Biennale; Prague Biennale; Venice Biennale Special Invitation Exhibition; Gwangju Biennale Special Exhibition; Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), Los Angeles, USA; Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, Fukuoka, Japan; São Paulo Museum of Contemporary Art (MAC USP), São Paulo, Brasil; Asian Art Museum of San Francisco, San Francisco, USA; Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea; National Gallery of Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia; etc. His works are collected by many art institutes and foundations, such as Fondazione Prada, Milan, Italy; Institut Valencia d’Art Modern (IVAM), Valencia, Spain; Rubell Museum, Miami, USA; Deutsche Bank, Germany; Kistefos Museum, Oslo, Norway; Long Museum, Shanghai, China; Yuz Museum, Shanghai, China; K11 Art Foundation, Hong Kong, China; Bredin Prat Foundation, Paris, France; Fosun Foundation, Shanghai, China; CC Foundation, Shanghai, China; Arario Museum, Seoul/Jeju, Korea; Zhejiang Art Museum, Hangzhou, China; etc. Li is shortlisted for the Jean-François Prat Prize in 2017.

IMG_0240-Edit 복사.jpg

Fragment with Dusty Light

Chen Yujun, Li Qing, Marion Bataillard, Niam Mawornkanong, Qin Qi, Rodel Tapaya,  Wu Wei

6.4 - 7.9, 2022

Seoul Space

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Li Qing:Lighthouse and Cradle

Li Qing
Curator by Cui Cancan

9.12 - 10.27, 2021

Beijing 1st & 2nd space

View Exhibition

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