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b. 1980, Ravensburg, Germany


Oska Gutheil lives and works in Berlin since 2000. Received his MFA at Universität der Künste, Berlin. Typical of Gutheil's figurative painting is the stylized, colorful compositions in which narrative comic aesthetics and expressive lines meet.


In his varied series of works, Gutheil takes up topics such as gender, gender norms and existing uniformities in our society. Social projections, stereotypes, but also individual longings are deconstructed with relish and often with a lot of wits, dissolved and transformed into something new. Gutheil's pictures are populated by people, animal hybrids, dream creatures, and sometimes fairy tale landscapes – humour but also the grotesque is omnipresent here. The absurd and the fantastic are combined with everyday phenomena.


Oska Gutheil has presented in numerous institutional solo shows, including the recent solo exhibitions: “Oska Gutheil 2022”, Kunstsammlung, Jena (Germany,2022); “Övre”, Kunstraum Potsdam, (Germany, 2020); “ZWEI NULL ZWEI NULL”, Gallerie Krinzinger Schottenfeld, (Astria, 2020); “Fitz Fatz Peng”, Kunstverein Ulm, (Germany, 2017); His paintings were included in group exhibitions: “Why can’t we live together”, Kunstmuseum Marburg and Marburger Kunstverein, (Germany, 2022); “Fragmented bodies II”, Albertz Benda Gallery, (USA, 2021); “Time takes a Cigarette”, Josh Lilley Gallery, (UK, 2022); “Blow up”, ASU Artmuseum, (USA, 2016); “Taguchi Art Collection ”, Matsumoto City Museum of Art, (Japan, 2014).

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A Tale of Two Cities

Oska Gutheil, Rodel Tapaya

Curator: Michela Sena

5.4 - 6.5, 2023

Hong Kong Wong Chuk Hang Space

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Mille Cortex

Armin Boehm, Chen Yingjie, Cheng Chi Tien Lin, Ding Hongdan, Etsu Egami, Gongkan, Gao Hang, Oska Gutheil, Huang Bingjie, Stephen Wong Chun Hei, Kong Huidong, Leng Guangmin, Liu Youran, Kitti Narod, Jade Ching-yuk Ng, Woo Kukwon, Wang Xiyao, Xie Xuanxuan, Yan Jingzhou, and Zhang Haoyan.

Curator: Fiona Lu

3.18 - 4.21, 2023

Hong Kong Wong Chuk Hang Space

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Selected Works
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