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Without Wall

Shen Yuan

3.4 - 4.4, 2017


In this exhibition, the exhibition walls are eye-catching barbed wire instead, refused to pass the body but the visual is penetrating. The entrance to the exhibition hall is first cut off by the "1/2 bowl" of the work, which consists of three parts: a bowl-type building, a bowl of large buildings in the bowl, And built. "Big Bowl", which is both a man holding food utensils, and metaphor of the world's common circular building on behalf of the power of the consultation device, which was cut into half of the barbed wire, let us see the power shown and the presence of Contrast.

And another piece of work in the exhibition, "I was seen, I was not obvious" metaphor of the problem of immigration in Europe. The gray-blue light boxes on the ground are blue eyes and several breathless lifeboats, and the audience must watch the work through a narrow, double barbed wire channel. This is a reverse experience, so that the viewer (the host) is on the border. The channel is connected to the exhibition hall of the continuous barbed wire, in series from the viewer's experience and ideas.


Black Diamond Wood, wig, stone 1000 × 600 × 250 cm 2008

I Am Seen, Yet Ignored Light box, barbed wire, resin eyes 900 × 800 × 250 cm 2016

Hat shadow Multiple materials Dimensions Variable 2015

Celestial Roam Ceramic, video 500 × 200 × 60 cm 2008

Without Wall Cement pingpong table, stools for children, branches, cicada shell 700 × 500 × 200 cm 2017

Waste One words Ice, knife Dimensions Variable 1994

Blue Road Wood, soap, self - made toys for African children 900 × 300 × 125 cm 2003

History of Nanling Video, watercolor Dimensions variable 2005

1/2 Big Bowl Wood, barbed wire, iron 800 × 800 × 300 cm 2017

Well Wood, water 550 × 230 × 250 cm 2010

Homework Firecrackers manufacturing counter, stools for children, firecracker, electric light 600 × 800 × 400 cm 2011


Shen Yuan


b.1959  Fujian, China


Born into an artistic family in South China, Shen Yuan started painting with her father at a young age to become what her parents considered as the most divine vocation – artist. In 1985, Shen Yuan participated in the Xiamen Dada group, exploring avant-garde art under high political pressure. "My father worried a lot for us." In 1990, Shen Yuan left China with her artist husband, Huang Yong Ping, to settle down in Paris.


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