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Featured Artists

Experimentation – a motive representative of contemporary art – is never a secluded form of activity. Every neoteric idea and stylistic breakthrough are studied, assimilated, and responded by artists around the world in the current global discourse of art. To represent this international phenomenon which is also of our gallery’s utmost endeavor, Tang Contemporary Art present “Reverberation” at Tokyo Gendai 2023 Booth C13 with works by 15 represented international artists, including Julio Le Parc, Ai Weiwei, Yue Minjun, Wu Wei, Cai Lei, Zhao Zhao, Chen Yingjie, Etsu Egami, Yoon Hyup, Kaito Itsuki, Raymond Lemstra, Kitti Narod, Studio Lenca, HIMBAD, and Jonas Burgert.

Selected Works

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