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Surveillance and Panorama

Yang Zhenzhong

Curated by Lu Mingjun

09.01 -10.18, 2018

Beijing 1st Space


Tang Contemporary Art is proud to announce the opening of Yang Zhenzhong's solo exhibition “Surveillance and Panorama” on September 1, 2018, in the first space of Beijing. Curated by Lu Mingjun, this exhibition focuses on the dissemination of visual images and channels of visual perception, and has created a political theater rooted, like the control mechanisms of power, in the surveillance structure.


The exhibition comprises three parts. The first part is a looped, revolving installation at the center of the exhibition space, at the center of which is a mirrored pillar with wire fencing, surrounded by six couches made to official international conference standards. Viewers are free to sit down and take in the paintings and video works on the surrounding walls as the couches slowly rotate. The fenced mirror pillar reflects everything that happens around it.

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Yang Zhenzhong

Yang Zhenzhong

Still life and landscape #19 Oil painting 150 × 125.5 cm 2018

Yang Zhenzhong

Yang Zhenzhong

Still life and landscape #16 Oil painting 76 × 150 cm 2018


Yang Zhenzhong

Born in 1968 in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, YANG Zhenzhong has been living and working in Shanghai for more than 20 years with a career closely related to the development of new media art around the area. Since the end of 1990s, he has been curating and organizing numerous highly influential contemporary art exhibitions with artists including XU Zhen and YANG Fudong etc. They have not only enlivened the atmosphere of the new media art industry in Shanghai, but also promoted the artist himself to stage on an international platform. The key themes of YANG’s works are to strengthen the contradictions and disorders existed in the society with a cynical attitude on one hand, to utilise the perception of the space in political and psychological levels on the other hand. 


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