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The Ship of Time

Zhu Jinshi

03.10 - 04.30, 2018

Beijing 1st Space

Installation Views

Tang Contemporary Art is proud to announce the opening of Zhu Jinshi’s dual solo shows “Ship of Time” and “Rejecting River Currents” on March 10, 2018. Based on the unique architecture of both of Tang Contemporary’s Beijing spaces, these parallel exhibitions will present important works of installation and the artist’s unique “thick paintings.”

In space I The Ship of Time rice paper installation uses exactly 14,000 sheets of rice paper, 1,800 pieces of fine bamboo, and 2,000 cotton threads seven meters long. This summer, the team returned to the ancient villages on Yellow Mountain to develop fireproof rice paper and choose bamboo. Later in the Songzhuang studio, several months were spent shaping the rice paper, baking the bamboo straight, making holes, and cutting three-meter sections. The works were designed specifically for the space, and the two massive beams on the ceiling bear the weight of the suspended installation.


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Zhu Jinshi

Power and Jiangshan III pedicab, oil paints 283 × 88 × 93 cm 2008

Zhu Jinshi

Reading, Chairs, Chinese long Table Oil paints, chair: 50 × 40 × 114 cm × 3 Console Table: 45 × 224 × 104 cm 2007

Zhu Jinshi

The Ship of Time Rice paper, fine bamboo, cotton thread 1500 × 960 × 750 cm × 2 2018

Zhu Jinshi

Lake in the Mountains Oil on Canvas 100 x 225 cm 1985

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Zhu Jinshi

b. 1954, Beijing, China

Zhu Jinshi produces abstract paintings whose surfaces are built up with thick, near-sculptural layers of oil paint. Resembling colorful landscapes, Zhu’s images range in palette and scale, but the artist is known to always apply his oil paint with spatulas and shovels. Producing dense lashings of color, the artist’s method recalls the style and techniques espoused by the German Expressionists, who Zhu was profoundly influenced by during his years living in Berlin. Zhu belonged to a group of Chinese avant-garde artists named the Stars, which formed in 1979 to challenge aesthetic conventions and exhibit their work publicly. 


Zhu Jinshi is a pioneer of Chinese abstract art and installation art. At present, he lives and works in Beijing. Zhu’s major solo exhibitions include The Ship of Time / Rejecting River Currents (2018), Tang Contemporary Art, Beijing, China; Zhu Jinshi (2016), Yuan Art Museum, Beijing, China; Performance in Paint: Zhu Jinshi (2015), Inside-Out Art Museum, Beijing, China. His major group shows include The Allure of Matter: Material Art from China (2019), Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles,USA;Abstract and Beyond—The Research Exhibition of Abstract Art in China (2016), Minsheng Art Museum, Shanghai, China; 28 Chinese (2013), The Rubell Family Collection, Miami, USA; The 5th Shanghai Biennale: Hyper Design (2006), Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai, China; Orient/Ation, 4th International Istanbul Biennial in Turkey (1995), Istanbul, Turkey; Chinese Avant-Garde Art (1993), Palace of World Culture, Berlin, Germany; The 2nd Xing Xing (Stars Group) Exhibition (1980), National Art Museum of China, Beijing, China.


Zhu Jinshi’s works have been collected internationally by notable public and private collections:Allison and Warren Kander, USA; Asian Art Museum of San Francisco, San Francisco, USA; Basma Al Sulaiman Museum of Contemporary Art, Saudi Arabia; Brooklyn Museum, New York, USA; Busan Museum of Art, South Korea; Dean Valentine Collection, USA; Delphine Arnault, France; Deutsche Bank, Germany; East West Bank, USA; Fubon Art Foundation, Taipei, Taiwan; Inside-Out Art Museum, Beijing, China; Mario Testino, UK; Minsheng Museum, Shanghai, China; M+ Museum for Visual Culture, Hong Kong, China; National Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul, South Korea; Picasso Foundation, Málaga, Spain; Rubell Family Collection, Miami, USA; Song Museum, Beijing, China; The Guangdong Museum of Art, Guangzhou, China; The Schaufler Collection, Sindelfingen, Germany; The National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, Australia;Today Art Museum, Beijing, China; Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver, Canada; Wall Art Gallery, Beijing, China; White Rabbit Collection, Sydney, Australia



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