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Hong Kong Central Space

June 21 - July 24, 2024


Tang Contemporary Art is pleased to present the solo exhibition “Extension” by the Chinese young artist Li Erpeng in the Central space in Hong Kong. The exhibition presents his unique visual language and creative paintings. This exhibition will showcase 17 new paintings, uncovering the mysterious side of Li's artistic production.


In Li’s works, the exploration of “the existence of beings” and “the meaning of life” seem to be prominent themes. Indeed, the artist’s use of color and unique objects, which invites viewers into the realms of vast imagination. Li asserts that while his artistic practice is embedded with metaphorical contexts, the viewer’s personal feelings and interpretations of the artworks hold greater significance. The concept of “life” is undoubtedly an eternal topic of human exploration and concern, and each individual must have their own unique perspective on it.


In this exhibition, the artist explores and presents a series of diverse themes, such as “life,” “growth,” “kinship,” “adventure and journey,” as well as the interplay between one’s “inner world and the reality of society.” These works blend Li’s skillful employment of abstract and realist elements, presenting a unique visual experience. His paintings are filled with strong brushstrokes, vibrant colors, captivating compositions, and meticulous details, showcasing his in-depth exploration and mastery of the painting medium. “The light in the moening is a new beginning that brings with it infinite possibilities for my thinking.” Such an artistic approach not only demonstrates Li’s rich imagination and refined contemplation, but also reflects the artist's spirit of exploration.



On the Way to School: Action Acrylic on canvas 250 x 195 cm 2023

Red Rope No.2 Acrylic on canvas 200 x 200cm 2024

Green Sheet Acrylic on canvas 172 x 225 cm 2023

Iron Ring Plant Acrylic on canvas 173 x 120 cm 2024

Under the Night Sky Acrylic on canvas 114 x 114 cm 2024

Hair System Acrylic on canvas 154 x 151 cm 2023

Flying Butterfly Acrylic on canvas 220 x 176 cm 2024

Day and Night Acrylic on canvas 156 x 125 cm x 4 2023

Head Out Acrylic on canvas 81 x 87 cm 2023

Mom and Baby Acrylic on canvas 160 x 130 cm 2024

Miss Acrylic on canvas 139 x 154 cm 2023

Angel Mom Acrylic on canvas 200 x 150 cm 2023

Victory Sun Acrylic on canvas 97 x 85 cm 2024

On the Way to School: Forward Acrylic on canvas 165 x 152 cm 2023

A Lovely Family Acrylic on canvas 220 x 177 cm 2024





b.1995, Dalian, China

Lives and works in Beijing, China

Li Erpeng graduated from the Oil Painting Department at the Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) in 2018. He has received First Prize for the Fine Arts at CAFA, the Inter Youth Artwork Award (2015), the Inter Youth Innovation Award (2016), the Originality at the Academy New Talent Award and the Outstanding Artwork Award from the Oil Painting Department at CAFA (2016). 


His recent exhibitions include: “ANIMAL N°5 ”, Tang Contemporary Art, Beijing, 2023; “Control”, Tang Contemporary Art, Bangkok, 2021; “Mickey: The True Original and Ever-Curious”, UCCA Lab, Yuz Museum, Shanghai, 2021; “Variance: Wu Wei and Li Erpeng”, Tang Contemporary Art, Beijing, 2020; “OPPO  Renovators: Emerging Artists Projects” with People’s Choice Award, 2019; “Yoho!”, Yohood Gallery, Shanghai, 2018; “Young Artists Group Exhibition”, Today Art Museum, Beijing, 2016. His graduation work “Objects from an Ideal World” was added to the permanent collection of CAFA Art Museum. In 2020, his work was collected by White Rabbit Gallery in Australia and recommended by TARGET magazine.

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