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Half Degree of Separation

Entang Wiharso

01.11 - 02.25, 2018



Tang Contemporary Bangkok is proud to announce the opening of Half Degree of Separation, a solo exhibition by Entang Wiharso, on January 11.

This is Wiharso’s first solo show in Thailand.  Entitled “Half Degree of Separation,” the exhibition features a new body of work created in his studio in Indonesia and during his 2017 residency in New York City at International Studio & Curatorial Program. In describing the concept for the show, Wiharso notes, “Half Degree of Separation comes from the idea of ‘six degree of separation,’ when you always have a connection to others in six steps or less. Half degree of separation is the acceptance or refusal of connectivity, whether cultural or identity, with others.


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The Shadow of Flag

The Shadow of Flag Aluminum, resin, color pigment, thread 230 x 150 cm 2017

Ember: Monster Projects

Ember: Monster Projects Acrylic, graphite and oil on canvas with collaged eyes of resin, color pigment and thread 172.5 x 147.5 cm 2017

A Thousand KM

A Thousand KM Aluminum, car paint, color pigment, resin, thread, teak wood 220 x 300 x 230 cm 2014-2015





Born in 1967 in Tegal, Indonesia
Lives and works in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Entang Wiharso has a multi-disciplinary practice and is known for his dramatic visual language and unique images of contemporary life. He confronts the universal issues of power, loss and love through investigations of ideology, philosophy and identity. Particularly known for his large scale paintings, wall sculptures and installations, his work heightens our ability to perceive, feel and understand human problems like love, hate, fanaticism, religion, and ideology. Entang Wiharso’s work is layered with social, political and sexual critique, revealing a complex picture of the human condition by integrating narrative tools and placing unconventional materials together. Images from Javanese myth appear in his work in combination with contemporary elements to engage with ideas that continue to resonate and inform our daily life.


His work has been exhibited extensively including the 55th Venice Biennale, Singapore Art Museum, Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art, (New York), Musée d’art contemporain (Lyon, France), Mori Art Museum (Tokyo) and Prague Biennale 6, among others.



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