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b.1993, Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan

Currently based in Tokyo and New York

Kaito's hometown of Sapporo had few opportunities for seeing art in person, so much of her aesthetic influences came from anonymous images floating around the internet, video games, or comics. Staying in Sapporo until she graduated from a local arts high school, she then studied painting at Tohoku University of arts and design. Kaito also studied cultural anthropology, comparative religion and youth cultures which provided inspiration for the themes of her art works. Afterwards, she received a MFA from Kyoto city university of arts and in 2019, moved to Tokyo and then NYC to pursue her art career.


Kaito Itsuki’s art works have been shown internationally including Clear gallery Tokyo (Tokyo, Japan), Art fair Philippines (Manila, Philippine), PDX contemporary art (Portland, US), and Tang Contemporary Art (Beijing, China).


Kaito Itsuki: Quadruped Masking

Curator: Fiona Lu, Huang Ying

4.27 - 6.8, 2024

Beijing Headquarters Gallery Space

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