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Tang Contemporary Art presents a selection of works by three contemporary artists – Adel Abdessemed, Wu Wei, and Zhao Zhao – to create a recollection of social accusation and reflection on the ever-changing reality.

Adel Abdessemed (b.1971) focuses on obscurantist religious practices set against contemporary references. Mass media and biased news might lead to violence against politics and religions. In “Forbidden Colours”, Abdessemed evokes immense emotions with thought-provoking visuals by using artificial blood in cinematography. His striped recycled metal assemblage indicates the horizon of sacrifice and contemporary traumas. Booth highlights include the in-situ installation “In Extremis” by Zhao Zhao (b.1982) that roots in man-made accidents and post-trauma emotions. He recalls the traces of carcasses on roads and documents the careless violence with metal and asphalt installations. Originally made as “Constellations” oil paintings, Zhao uncannily evokes the presence of shattered glass. He then remade these images as intricate silk embroideries to examine the passage of time. Made of ripped book pages and copper linings, Wu Wei’s (b.1981) works suggest the isolation and repression of traditional values. Adopting painstakingly craftmanship, Wu creates primitive modular types that discuss spatial qualities and discrepancies between impression and reality.

The artists examine the transient character of life and reveal their concern and vision of the world in the practice. Together, they form humane narratives and sensual and cognitive experiences.

Selected Works

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