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Jingshan Hill St.

Wang Yuping

3.4 - 4.4, 2017


Tang Contemporary is proud to announce Wang Yuping’s solo exhibition “Jingshan Hill St.” on March 17th, 2017, curated by Dai Zhuoqun. This is the first exhibition for the opening of our second gallery space in Beijing. For this exhibition, Wang Yuping presents paintings from recent years inspired by “Jingshan Hill St.” 


World Art No.5 Watercolor on paper 42 x 56 cm 2016

World Art No.6 Watercolor on paper 42 x 56 cm 2016

The priest's service clothes No.2 Oil and Acrylic on Canvas 200 x 160 cm 2016


Wang Yuping


B.1962  Beijing, China

Lives and works in Beijing, China


1989    Graduated from Oil Painting Dept., the Central Academy of Fine Arts(CAFA), Beijing.

1996    Artist-in-Residence, Vermont, U.S.A.Currently works in the No.4 Studio of the Oil Painting Department, School of Fine Art, CAFA. 


The creative source of artist Wang Yuping is an expression on the basis of an experience in survival, the selection of subject matter focuses on the description of the plot of reality, and of an excellent “frosty coquettish” and “humorous” performance. He often uses a sketching technique, focusing on trifles and the state of ordinary people, to record, clip and transform the fragments, dispelling and releasing his experience, memory, hobbies and interests.


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