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B. 1973, Zhejiang, China

Xue Feng was born in 1973, Zhejiang, China and currently lives and works in Shenzhen and Hangzhou, China. He is recognized as a promising painter of the new millennium generation. Building upon the Rococo style, he employs riotous painterly brushstrokes and experiments with the construction of space on canvas. These individualistic explorations have made remarkable contribution to the field of contemporary painting in China.


Since recent years, Xue Feng has started focusing on the possibility of rendering a two-dimensional space that could project a combination of the artist’s state of mind, artistic practice and the physical reality where he situates. To do so, Xue has become more ambitious with the use of abstraction - satiating canvases with gestural strokes and spots vertically or horizontally across the entire composition, and sometimes even practicing the Richter-style of rubbing and scrapping paint. Thus, these paintings have transcended the endeavor of mere realistic representation, arriving at the pursuit of balance in visuality.

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Xue Feng: Archive of Nature

Xue Feng

Curated by Cui Cancan

2023.12.16 - 2024.1.28

Beijing 2nd Space

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Seurat Studies: Monitors and Printers

Xue Feng

Curated by Cui Cancan

11.27 - 12.31, 2021

Hong Kong - H Queen's

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