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Ein Klang Lang

Jonas Burgert

​Curated by Kuang Wei & Emilie H. Kuang

08.22. - 09.25, 2019

Hong Kong

Tang Contemporary Art is pleased to present an exhibition of new paintings by the German artist Jonas Burgert. Burgert’s first solo show in Asia, introduces new paintings constructing other dimensions and filled with obscure characters. Burgert examines contemporary life and illustrates his vision of human existence. 


According to the artist, “For me it is not interesting to show what is there, for me it is interesting to show what is also there. The subtext. I try to see what is behind the people around me, what is behind the surface. Painting is a visual media: how can I visually show what is behind the surface? Maybe it is a very little thing - sometimes I leave tiny clues, sometimes I make it look very dramatic. It is interesting for me to see what is behind the scene, and not only the bad things, also the good things.”

Burgert uses omniscient view to present a grand narrative on his large canvases, while his small canvases offer a microscopic view of the individual subjects, under his meticulously examination and mysterious portraying. Burgert has the ability to introduce us to a visual collection of events and individuals, allowing us to identify ourselves with it. His paintings show human figures dressed in odd costumes, painted faces, and obscure objects. What is inanimate and what is alive is often unclear. Darkness looms in Burgert’s works, reminding the viewer of the dangerous interaction with life and death. There are apparent references to the Renaissance and the Flemish masters such as Hieronymus Bosch in Burgert’s paintings. The use of luminous colours and grotesque figures highlights the balance between memory and imagination. Burgert creates a wide range of works with in-depth analysis, culminating in the exhibition Ein Klang Lang.

Artwork photo credit: Lepkowski Studios

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blindstill 100 x 140 cm oil on canvas 2019

Altlot 100 x 120 cm oil on canvas 2019

ein Klang lang 220 x 600 cm (triptych) oil on canvas 2019

Raub 120 x 110 cm oil on canvas 2019

schmieg 120 x 110 cm oil on canvas 2019

sich Gleiche 240 x 180 cm oil on canvas 2019

Sie fing 90 x 80 cm oil on canvas 2019

trau Viech 90 x 80 cm oil on canvas 2019

stiehlt 200 x 180 cm oil on canvas 2019

Ruhsuch 160 x 140 cm oil on canvas 2019


Jonas Burgert

b. 1969 Berlin, Germany


Jonas Burgert paints a stage every time that he lifts his brush: with every stroke, with every composition. His works depict the inexhaustible theatre play that Burgert considers to be human existence: man’s need to make sense of his purpose in life. It is a quest that seems inconclusive, but which opens doors to every sphere of reasoning, imagination and desire. Oversized canvases are crowded with fantastical figures of different proportions. Jonas Burgert graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts, Berlin, in 1996 and consecutively studied for a postgraduate title (Meisterschueler) under Professor Dieter Hacker in Berlin.


Since 1998, his work has been on view in numerous group shows around the world, including Geschichtenerzaehler at Hamburger Kunsthalle, Hamburg (2003), and Triumph of Painting Part VI at London’s Saatchi Gallery (2006). Since 2006 Burgert’s work has been on view in solo exhibitions around the world, including: ZEITLAICH, Blain|Southern Berlin, DE (2017); Schutt und Futter, Hannover Kestnergesellschaft, Hannover, DE (2013); Jonas Burgert: Lebendversuch, Kunsthalle Tübingen, DE (2010 - 2011); Jonas Burgert: Hitting every head, Haunch of Venison, London, UK (2009) and Jonas Burgert: Enigmatic Narrative, Victoria H. Myhren Gallery, University of Denver, US (2008). Public collections include Burger Collection, Hong Kong; Denver Art Museum, US; Rubell Family Art Collection, US and Taguchi Art Collection, Japan.


Kuang Wei & Emilie H. Kuang


Kuang Wei graduated from the stream of Visual Arts at the Danish Design School. Since 2006, he has worked as art director for Faurschou Foundation, Red Brick Museum, and Star Foundation respectively. Emilie H. Kuang is currently studying Art History at the Aarhus University in Denmark.


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