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Heart of Fearlessness

Hong Kong Central Space

March 25 - May 10, 2024



In the realm of art where imagination intertwines with reality, Tang Contemporary Art presents “Heart of Fearlessness” – a thought-provoking solo exhibition by artist Edgar Plans that traverses the intricate pathways of courage, determination, and emotion. This show is a vibrant tapestry, weaving narratives that spark a spectacle of introspection and wonder.


Edgar Plans' “Little Heroes” evokes associations with Shakespeare and Stan Lee, who had respectively created the classic works Hamlet and Spiderman. There, each of their heroes possess starkly different characteristics: Shakespeare's heroes are filled with pathos, often making incorrect choices for the right reasons, enduring betrayals in familial and romantic relationships, and experiencing significant emotional, behavioural, and intellectual transformations that bring conflict and tension to the story. On the other hand, Stan Lee’s heroes undergo journeys that shape them from ordinary people to extraordinary figures, thus demonstrating a mix of the flaws and vanity of ordinary people while also showcasing a side of sadness and dilemmas. It is also their responsibility to battle against evil forces, protecting all of society and humanity. Whether it is Shakespeare or Stan Lee, their works explore themes revolving around courage, the balance of ecology, and self-sacrifice.


In Edgar Plans’ “Little Heroes,” each hero is capable of independent and autonomous thinking, which highlights the main theme of humanity. Through an in-depth examination of human nature, Edgar Plans uses “Little Heroes” as a symbol, creating an imaginative world through various approaches including painting, sculpture, and installation art. These works not only manifest the intricacies in what shapes a hero, but also explore all the aforementioned themes of courage, ecological balance, and self-sacrifice through symbolisms and other creative visual elements. While their tragic narratives convey to us the complexity of our human nature and the mercilessness of fate, these narratives are also precisely what have established them to become timeless figures in literature and art. By assimilating the influence from Shakespeare and Stan Lee, Edgar Plans invites audiences to reflect on these critical notions through his playful and exuberant characters, rethinking about human nature, morality, and fate.



Ghost notes Mixed media on paper 70 x 100 cm 2024

Boo motel Mixed media on canvas 55 x 46 cm 2023

One day in the park Mixed media on canvas 46 x 55 cm 2023

Game Over, Insert New Planet Mixed media on canvas 180 x 180 x 5 cm 2023

Glaciación Mixed media on canvas 162 x 130 x 5 cm 2023

Invasion of the body snatchers Mixed media on canvas 180 x 210 x 5 cm 2024

John Stockton Mixed media on wood shaped panel and wood on canvas 120 x 130 cm 2023

AIR, Tribute to Michael Jordan Mixed media on wood shaped panel and wood on canvas 120 x 150 cm 2023

Ghost art notes Mixed media on paper 140 x 155 cm 2023

Tennis Art Notes Mixed media on paper 180 x 140 cm 2023

Astronaut Graphite on paper 18 x 18 cm 2023

Blue girl Mixed media on paper 15 x 21cm 2023

Murakami tribute Graphite on paper 35 x 35 cm 2023

The fly Mixed media on paper 21 x 15 cm 2023

Coffee Mixed media on paper 18 x 18 cm 2023

Demon Mixed media on paper 21 x 15 cm 2023

Little cyclist Graphite on paper 18 x 18 cm 2023

This world needs a hero like you! Mixed media on paper 35 x 25 cm 2023

I love cycling Graphite on paper 18 x 18 cm 2024

Ice cream Graphite on paper 18 x 18 cm 2024

Laser boy Graphite on paper 18 x 18 cm 2024

Lil´toad Graphite on paper 18 x 18 cm 2024

Dragon girl Mixed media on paper 18 x 18 cm 2024

Little vampire girl Graphite on paper 18 x 18 cm 2024

Little vampire Graphite on paper 18 x 18 cm 2024

Skully Graphite on paper 18 x 18cm 2024

Boy Graphite on paper 18 x 18 cm 2024

Thinking Graphite on paper 18 x 18 cm 2024

I like Mario Bros Graphite on paper 18 x 18 cm 2024

Waiting your call Graphite on paper 18 x 18 cm 2024



edgar_plans_gijon_apr_2022©pablo_garcia-3678 (1).JPG


b. 1977, Madrid, Spain

Lives and works in Gijón, Spain


One of the few things that I can say with 100% certainty is that I was born in Madrid in 1977. If I am asked when I started to paint or indeed why, well that’s something I can’t define so easily. I can say how and where, using pencils and crayons on every wall within reach, outside the house in Majadahonda, on the nursery walls and the pavements. The when is the most difficult, since creativity and the arts were always present and encouraged at home, my earliest memory is the sound of the my father’s typewriter (Juan Jose Plans, 1943-2014). In his office there was a low table with four chairs, and there I would sit drawing with my brothers while my father would write.


I never faced any restrictions, only encouragement for my need to draw and paint. In fact when we moved to Gijón in 1985 I was put into a class…not because I wanted to but because my sister wanted to go and “useful” to have us at the same class. However I have never wanted to draw what other people would suggest. I liked to draw comic strips, short stories, not still-lives of bowls of fruit, nor charcoal sketches of plaster- of- paris figures….so I didn’t go much. 


It wasn’t until I was 15 when I decided to learn more. I don’t know why but I felt I needed to learn more disciplines and techniques. In the studio of José María Ramos I learnt to express what I wanted via painting and drawing.


After two years in the workshop I realised that I wanted to not have anyone looking over my shoulder to correct and guide me through my faults, and needed to work alone and find my own ways.


I rented a room in an art studio – previously an apartment belonging to Nicanor Piñole, an important Asturian artist – and in that attic I began my own path.


Currently I have my own studio where I continue to look for my own path, between my faults and truths.


I've always liked street art. Urban art. It is an art that I see very free, just like when children create. And I have wanted to transform it to translate into my paintings. Currently I am internationally recognized for my characters, the Animal Heroes and my marked colorful, expressive and lively style.


The Animal Heroes arise from my intention to create pictures of denunciation in favor of the environment, to denounce the human actions that contaminate, destroy and poke the planet. In turn these heroes have simple powers that today's society is losing as they are solidarity, companionship, respect... and these animals through art and their actions want to reintroduce people.

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