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Installation View

Featured Artists

Presenting in Art SG 2023 is a diverse roster of works to elicit the ever-changing interpretations of contemporary art – constantly challenging established notions, shared values, and traditional perspectives.

20 exhibited artists include Julio Le Parc, Joana Vasconcelos, Studio Lenca, Chun Kwang Young, Jang Koal, Yue Minjun, Chen Danqing, Luo Zhongli, Hao Zecheng, Wang Xiyao, Cai Lei, Zhao Zhao, Andres Barrioquinto, Suntur, Heri Dono, Jigger Cruz, Kitti Narod, Luis Lorenzana, Gongkan, and Rodel Tapaya.

The polyvalence of messages expressed by these individual talents is precisely what defines the global contemporary art scene nowadays – that each work of creation possesses its own characteristic open to discovery.

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